Our Stories of Impact

These narratives illuminate the journey of young girls from Afghanistan who are breaking barriers, rewriting their futures, and transforming their communities through the power of education and support.

We in numbers so far:

3000 hours

We've dedicated over 2000+ hours to teaching and supporting young girls on their educational journeys.

150+ girls

We've had the privilege of teaching and mentoring over 50+ girls, each with unique stories of determination and success.

30+ Volunteers

Since its foundation, Kaaj has been a source of volunteer contribution and experience growing for dozen youths

16+ coupons

We have purchased over dozens of Duolingo coupons for our noble students

30+ courses

We have provided access to over 10 courses, equipping our students with valuable knowledge and skills.

15 mentors

We value the work of our 15 mentors from various universities in Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

Stories and Testimonials:

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From Despair to Achievement: Amina's Inspiring Tale of Perseverance

In the challenging landscape of Afghanistan, the journey of a girl unfolds—a narrative marked by resilience, determination, and unwavering hope. Faced with a myriad of problems that threatened to shatter her dreams, Amina Painda confronted the harsh realities of her country...

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