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While It is the 0th Day of School Ban for girls in Afghanistan, At Kaaj, we are committed to creating digital learning spaces and bridging dreams...

Current Educational Crisis in Afghanistan

Since August 2021, the situation for girls' education has worsened dramatically. High schools have been prohibited for girls, depriving over two million young women of educational opportunities. Even more tragically, tutoring centers have become targets of violence, resulting in the loss of life and injuring hundreds. These factors have culminated in a sense of despair, severely limiting access to education resources, and casting a grim shadow over their future.

Kaaj Education Organization is steadfast in its mission to counteract these challenges. We serve as a bridge for continued learning and empowerment, even in the face of these daunting obstacles, ensuring that the young girls of Afghanistan can still nurture their aspirations and build a brighter future.

Our Story

Kaaj Education was established in early 2022, following a series of targeted attacks, including the a deadly attack in September 2022 on the Kaaj Education Center, where hundreds of girls were preparing for university entrance exams. This tragic event served as a stark reminder of the formidable challenges faced by girls in their pursuit of education and progress. In the aftermath of this attack, Kaaj Education emerged with a resolute mission to empower these girls and provide them with the resources, skills, and support to excel in international colleges and universities, overcoming adversity and fostering positive change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower girls in Afghanistan by providing them with the necessary resources, tools and support to excel in international educational environments.

Our Vision

We envision every girl from Afghanistan breaking barriers, thriving in international institutions, and leading progress and transformation in their communities.

Offered 3000+ hours

Taught 150+ Girls

Offered 30+

Offered 16+ Duolingo

Our Programs

Educational Courses

Educational Courses

  • English Language Literacy
  • Digital Skills Literacy
  • Academic Writing
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Capacity Building

Capacity Building

  • Interpersonal Skills and Personal Well-being
  • One to One Mentorship
  • Community Building & Online Café
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Resource Hub

Resource Hub

  • Open Digital Learning Resource
  • Visual and written tutorials
  • Scholarship Bank
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University Application Process

University Application Process

  • University and College Application Guides
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Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated individuals behind the Kaaj, a dynamic team comprising professionals, educators, and advocates, all sharing a belief in the transformative power of education, driving positive change, and fostering hope for girls in Afghanistan. We collaborate tirelessly to ensure the success of our mission, providing girls with resources and opportunities they need to thrive!

Sakhi Ataye

Sakhi Ataye, Lead

Sakhi's leadership at Kaaj ensures that the program's mission and vision remain resolute in the face of challenges, fostering a brighter and more empowered future for Afghan youth and women.

Ziafatullah Saeedi

Ziafatullah Saeedi, Co-Lead

An Advocate and Policy Specialist, Ziafat dedicated his expertise to championing diversity and education. His leadership in Kaaj underscores his unwavering dedication to systemic change.

Abdullah Nazari

Abdullah Nazari, Operations Lead

Abdullah leads the digital infrastructure and operations of Kaaj. He contributes technical expertise and leadership to KEP, propelling our mission with innovation and dedication.

Our Students

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"In the face of adversity in Afghanistan, Kaaj Education gave me the strength to pursue my dreams. I am grateful for the program's support, which helped me to get admitted to American University of Afghanistan (AUAF)."

Amina Painda

Our Supporters and Collaborators

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